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TN Dept of Health Menigitis Update
TN Dept of Health Thursday October 18, 2012

The Tennessee Department of Health has now confirmed that 74 healthcare facilities in Tennessee have received suspect material from New England Compounding Center that may pose a risk to some patients. The Food and Drug Administration has characterized the notification effort as recommended "out of an abundance of caution." Officials with the Tennessee Department of Health say they are aware of 61 patients with meningitis, of those, there have now been 8 deaths. If you have been contacted by your health care professional stating that you may have been placed at risk, you are urged to visit the Cumberland Medical Center Emergency Room for an evaluation. If you have any questions regarding this outbreak, you can contact the Tennessee Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.


State DA's kick off anti-drug campaign aimed at youth
AP Thursday October 18, 2012

District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis and fellow Tennessee district attorneys have kicked off a statewide campaign to fight the rising rates of prescription medication and synthetic drug abuse among Tennessee's youth. The campaign is called Deceptive Danger. The Deceptive Danger campaign follows an increase in prescription drug and synthetic drug abuse in Tennessee. The rise in prescription drug abuse prompted law enforcement to focus their attention on fraudulent prescriptions, the operations of pain management clinics, and those dealing prescription medications illegally. Tennessee lawmakers enacted stricter and more specific laws this year dealing with synthetic drug use as well.


THP warning about deer
THP Thursday October 18, 2012

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is cautioning motorists to watch out for deer on or near the roadways this fall season. An increase in deer-related crashes is likely during the months of October through December. Last year there were 5,644 deer-related crashes, including 285 that involved injuries and two that were fatal. That was up by 4.2 percent from the previous year. In the event of a deer crash, the THP says you should move the vehicle as far off the road as possible and call *847 from an available cell phone for assistance. The call will go to the nearest THP Communications Center. Tennessee law allows deer killed in a collision to be taken and used for food, as long as you contact the nearest TWRA regional office to report the accident within 48 hours.


Inmates break sprinkler heads at intake
CCSD Wednesday October 17, 2012

Several sprinkler heads were broken off Monday by inmates at the Cumberland County Jail's inmate holding facility, causing fire alarms to be activated. In addition to replacement cost of $250 each, the false alarms put city fire crews on alert, and individuals in harm's way, for no reason, other than to cause a disturbance. In one of the instances, an inmate slipped in the water coming from the sprinkler and required a transport to the Cumberland Medical Center's Emergency Room for treatment. The cost for the damage is estimated at $1500, additional medical costs are unknown at this time.


Man arrested on counterfeit charge
CCSD Wednesday October 17, 2012

A Talahatchie Drive man has been arrested on criminal simulation charges after attempting to pay for items at a local store with a counterfeit $100 bill. According to witness statements, 47 year old Roger Allen Mullen entered the Happy Sak Exxon and attempted to pass the bogus bill. The clerk stated that the man exited the store when she refused to accept the bill. Mullen was later tracked down by deputies where he explained that he was given the bill by another individual. Nonetheless, deputies signed a warrant on Mullen and later placed him under arrest.


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