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Nashville Jury Awards Sportscaster Erin Andrews $55 Million
Peg Broadcasting News Monday March 7, 2016

A jury in Nashville has ordered $55 million to be paid to Erin Andrews by Marriot Hotel and the man who secretly videoed the sportscaster in the nude. Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking Andrews. In 2008, Barrett says he pretended to be with Andrews’ entourage and asked to be put him in rooms adjacent to hers and then film her through peepholes while she was undressed. He then posted those videos online. Andrews claims someone at the hotel gave her room number to Barrett and she was never informed that he had requested the room next to hers. On Monday, the jury found Barrett was responsible for 51 percent to blame and the Nashville Marriot at Vanderbilt was responsible for the rest of the damage inflicted on Andrews.


Winning messages of TDOT’s overhead sign contest announced
WVLT Monday March 7, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Thanks to enormous public participation, five winning messages have been selected from the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s recent Dynamic Message Sign Contest. Nearly 3,000 message entries were submitted and more than 3,700 votes were cast for the 15 messages selected as finalists. The messages covered issues such as distracted driving, seatbelt usage, impaired driving, speeding and aggressive driving.

The top five messages in order of votes are:

1. “Turn signals, the original instant messaging.”
2. “Get the cell off your phone and drive.”
3. “Practice safe text. Don’t do it while driving.”
4. “You’re in Tennessee. Volunteer to drive safe.”
5. “Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down.”

The #1 winning message, “Turn signals, the original instant messaging”, will run on our overhead Dynamic Message Signs this week. That message, along with the other winning messages, will be placed in rotation to run on the overhead Dynamic Message Signs statewide throughout the year.

“Many thanks to everyone who submitted messages and played a role in the voting process,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer. “This contest was such a success, and we received many great messages. The purpose of the contest was to give the public a chance to partner with TDOT to raise safety awareness. Even if a submission didn’t win, there’s still a chance that message may be seen periodically on our DMS boards.”

A total of 190 Dynamic Message Signs are located in the state’s four urban areas (Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville), and in some rural areas across the state. The main purpose of the signs is to alert motorists of incidents, lane blockages, hazardous road conditions, or Amber Alerts.

In 2012, TDOT became the first DOT in the nation to display roadway fatality numbers on the overhead signs. In addition to the fatality statistics, safety messages are displayed during off-peak travel times.


Get Ready for 30 to 50 Cent Hike in Gas Prices
Alan Spector Monday March 7, 2016

You probably noticed an increase in prices at the pump over the past week. But get ready for a jump of 30 to 50 cents a gallon by Memorial Day weekend. According to AAA, fuel supplies usually tighten this time of year as Americans begin taking spring vacations and refineries reduce output while conducting seasonal maintenance. In Tennessee, the price of a gallon of regular is $1.63, up seven cents from last week. In Crossville, regular averages a $1.56 a gallon, also up seven cents.


Plane Carrying NASCAR Team Makes Emergency Landing in Memphis
AP Monday March 7, 2016

A plane carrying NASCAR team members that was headed from Las Vegas to Charlotte, North Carolina, made an emergency landing in Memphis.

WMC-TV (http://bit.ly/1QFj26w ) reports the plane landed early Monday morning at Memphis International Airport. The plane belonged to Hendrick Motorsports and was carrying team members home from a NASCAR race in Las Vegas.

A Hendrick Motorsports representative tells the news station the plane landed after someone noticed smoke in the cabin. No one was injured or breathed in too much smoke.

The plane is being evaluated for issues. The passengers will return to Charlotte on another flight.


Morgan Co. Man Takes Own Life During Stand-off
Alan Spector Monday March 7, 2016

A man took his own life after a stand off with law enforcement in Morgan County. It happened on Friday evening, when the sheriff's office says a man broke into his estranged wife's home in Oakdale. Local 8 News says his name was Edward Wells. The sheriff's office, the Roane County SWAT team and Harriman police convinced Wells to release the unidentified woman. However, he would not obey orders to come out. Law enforcement negotiated with Wells for some time, before releasing tear gas into the home. They heard a gunshot, and eventually used robots to enter the home and find the man dead.


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