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Student of the Month and Crossville City Employee Recognized at Council Meeting
WOWNews Tuesday March 11, 2014

There were some sweet moments at Tuesday’s Crossville City Council meeting. Martin Elementary Sixth Grade student James Miller was recognized by Mayor JH Graham III as the March Student of the Month. James was nominated for his display of the character trait “fairness” because he is fair in his treatment of others in school each day. And Crossville City Street Department Employee Tim Bolin was recognized for his service with the National Guard. Mayor Graham got emotional as he explained that Bolin would be leaving soon for Kandahar, Afghanistan to serve our country. The Mayor expressed his best wishes and gratitude to Mr. Bolin not just as the Mayor of Crossville, but also for all of the Citizens here in our community. God Bless, Tim!
Photo of Tim Bolin by S Hawn


Council chooses to wait on DT project
WOWNews Tuesday March 11, 2014

The Northwest Connector or the Downtown Project. Can the City of Crossville have either, both, or neither? Crossville City Mayor JH Graham III doesn’t think the City can afford the Downtown Project and the Northwest Connector, despite the fact that 6 years and a million dollars have already been put into the Downtown Renovation Project. Mayor Graham says his idea to kill the Downtown project to focus funds and energies into the Northwest Connector is simply putting the highest and best use of the City’s resources to use. Crossville City Councilman George Marlow isn’t so sure. There is still time for bids to come in for the Downtown Project before the April deadline is met. One thing seemed obvious from Tuesday’s City Council meeting, someone is going to be unhappy. The question is who. The Council chose to postpone the matter at this time


Souza says he's not giving up
WOWNews Tuesday March 11, 2014

Crossville City Councilman Pete Souza says he is not backing down on his claims of conspiracies of fraud regarding “certain” members of the Crossville City Council. Souza addressed the Council Tuesday evening in reference to the Cumberland County Grand Jury’s report in which a 12 member panel failed to find any wrong doing in any of the dealings regarding any members of the Council past or present, or with any of the business dealings that were detailed in the report. Souza explained that this report was flawed. The Councilman stated that Attorney General Randall York had given him several options including referring the matter to the State Comptroller’s office. Souza says he told York that was his preference, but that was not done. Souza says there are “people” who are working to get this issue all the way to the “US Attorney’s Office.” When asked what he would do if the matter is ultimately found to be without merit, the Councilman replied “I would be humbled, and I would resign.”
Photo: S Hawn


Cumberland County Schools is in the process of selecting and adopting Social Studies textbooks
Cumb Co Schools Tuesday March 11, 2014

Cumberland County Schools is in the process of selecting and adopting Social Studies textbooks for the 2014-2020 school years. The textbooks will be available for public viewing March 24-28, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Cumberland County Central Services. Comments should be addressed to Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Janet Graham, at 368 Fourth Street,Crossville, TN 38555 or email at grahamj3@k12tn.net.


Crossville police asking for help in identifying theives
CPD Tuesday March 11, 2014

Crossville police need your help to identify a group of suspected thieves. Police say the suspects are accused of passing counterfeit checks at a grocery story on February 24th and 25th. Investigators say they were driving a dark colored minivan and believe they may have been from the Knoxville area. If you have any information contact Crime Stoppers at 484-7231 or 200-1173.


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